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I had a great possibility to work in a temporary studio about three months. I had my own empty room and 5 white walls.
It was so much fun and creative time. The most important thing was that I could go somewhere to work, and not just to be at home in my “working corner” to draw A4 size of drawings.
I really started to use brushes instead of markers or fineliners (which are such a great tools also!) and
I did quite much drawings just because I knew that I would have only three months time period in this studio.
I’ve attached here some examples of my work. Some of them are sold already, and in the future, I hopefully have an exhibition somewhere also.
All drawings/paintings are made on paper with brush, with ink and acrylics.

They are different sizes between  500-750 mm x 600-1000 mm.

All drawings are for sale. If you are interested to have one, contact me personally.

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